Paper Planner or Digital Calendar?

Paper Planner or Digital Calendar? COPYWRITER Everyone knows I'm a techie... and I've been asked why I still use a

Workspace Ergonomics Tips

Ahhh the Quarantined life. Recently while working from home- although I was comfortable (yes, sometimes in PJ's 🙂 ) I

Password Hygiene

Working in the corporate world you'd be so surprised on how many users write down  their passwords and post-note it

Tips for an Efficient Home Office

Whether you're working from home as a Telecomutter or SOHO (Small Office Home Office) business owner, the key to productivity

Home Surveillance

In today's day and age every home needs a Surveillance system to protect your loved ones. We are often asked

Basics to a Smart Home

Nowadays having a Smart Home is possible, easy to install and most of all more affordable than in the past.