Laptop Restoration

Slow? Virus? Restore laptop to the way it was when purchased:

  • Complete┬áRestoration
  • Re-install Operating System
  • Perform Critical Updates
  • Backup and Restore Data

Flat rate $175
Ship or drop your laptop off.

Laptop Repair

Repair hardware issue, such as:

      • Screen Repair
      • Keyboard
      • Hard Drive
      • RAM/Memory

Free quote. Service + plus part
Ship or drop your laptop off

Data Backup

Did you know that if your computer's hard drive crashes you can lose ALL your data?

SAFE & automatic cloud backup for all the files and data on your computer. I personally use & recommend:

Backup for as little as $6/month


Protecting YOU & YOUR Family Starts with having a reputable ANTIVIRUS package!

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Remote Session: Guidance

We can connect remotely to your computer and show you how to get the best from your equipment. Training covers up to 1 hour remote session.

Need help? Examples:

  • Overview of Mac or Windows
  • Change personal settings
  • Review web browser basics
  • Troubleshoot or setup email account
  • Secure your Wi-Fi Wireless Network
  • Configure account settings and features
  • Demonstrate functionality of general software

Minimum $100, only advance scheduled appointments are available.


Looking to BUY or SELL?

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Password Manager

Keeping Track of Passwords should not be so difficult! Tip: Don't POST-IT note them, they need to be SECURE- to ensure use a Password Manager. I Personally USE and Recommend: